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did a photo shooting with the lovely nana from #lolitakomplex for an upcoming book about #gothiclolita
here’s a preview
copyright: Eve Evangel
head pieces: off brand / handmade
head jewelery: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
blouse: Alice and the Pirates
necklace: Innocent World
dress: Juliette et Justine
tights: Juliette et Justine
shoes: Alice and the Pirates
ring: Alice and the Pirates
wig: Lockshop

My Innocent World dress arrived today. <3 OutfitJSK: Innocent WordBlouse: Moi-Meme-MoitieStockings: Grimoire Shoes: An-Tai-Na

New constellation print series by Angelic Pretty - Cosmic
KERA June issue


x. happy eastertime. 2nd.
not a new outfit but better pics.


Wearing my favorite dress today. ;D

~Lillith Gray


A walk of maiden

- Blouse: metamorphose
- JSK: Angelic Pretty Musee du Chocolat
- Shoes: Bodyline
- Headbow, accessories: Angelic Pretty and 6% doki doki
- Tights: offbrand
- Parasol: Baby, the stars shine bright


Photo by Raash @ Noritake Garden, Nagoya, Japan

I’m entering a photo contest on facebook so I will be very appreciate if u have some spare seconds to click this link below and hit “like”. Thank you so much <3



Wearing the Robe de l’Agneau at Enchanted with pretty ladies ! See more here.

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The weather is really lovely and even tough I’m always a little antipathetic of taking photos, because I usually end up looking really awkward and I’m not really photogenic I decided to take a photo wearing my new Atelier Pierrot blouse in the garden because the flowers are starting to bloom ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

we have the same jsk ;o;

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Angelic Pretty Milky Planet - April 4th 2014

(a friend just told me my shoes look mint and tights look white on the picture… but I am wearing lavender tights and blue shoes just for you to know^^’)

She makes Milky Planet looks so classy! *w*

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