I met with a friend to collect the taobao items I bought in our comm GO. I wore Haenuli’s Stained Glass of St Giles in a black x gold coord even though it was sweltering hot and there were flying ants everywhere ;;A;;

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A Coordinate a Day - 44

  • Jsk - Emily temple cute
  • Cardigan - JetJ
  • Bag - Jane Marple
  • Socks - Aatp
  • Shoes - R-series
  • Beret - off brand

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Blossom Princess one piece

comes in ; white/ivory/pink & black

Shoulder width:About 36cm
Bust:About 92cm
Waist:About 81cm
Sleeve length:About 72cm
Cuffs:About 37cm

price ; 46,224 yen

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I got these lovely goodies at monday, but again It took me a while to take a decent pictures of all of them. I got British Emblem OP in bordeaux (which is realy dark red, but sometimes looks lighter in photos) and the macthing totebag in black, Lion and Unicorn Overknee Socks, Wesminster Three-strand Pearl Necklace and Head Bow with Tulle and Corsage.

While I’am realy happy about my purchases I was a little concerned when I my amrs where a bit too big for the sleeves. But then I found a simple solution to the proplem: I just need to find a macthing satin ribbon and tie it to the button hole and the button. I’ll just need a pair of shoes, pair of lacecuffs and mayby a wig to make my first cordinate.

I just love this dress already.

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Clown girl of the Circus:

Also in: 

White x Black x White Sleeves OP

and Black x White x Black Sleeves OP

From Angels Heart on Taobao and Weibo

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Twining with my friend in Surface Spell’s chiffon Hyacinth JSK <3333

I miss you girl ><

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My awesomest Christmas present this year, a preserved gold-dipped rose. If this isn’t Beauty and the Beast, I don’t know what is.

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Photos from Metrocon!

Worn versions of this and this.

Photos taken by Liss.

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Angelic Pretty Tokyo: [x] [x] [x]


New Metamorphose Reservation Series:

Secret Library

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Angelic Pretty ローズトワレワンピース

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Because I love this picture.